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PETWO (home-grown strength and beauty)

Petwo' is a rite that was formed in the New World by slaves to cope with their everyday situation. It was used the night before the revolution (by the slaves) to find the courage to free themselves. It usually reflects rage, anger and restlessness, but instead of showing that side of the rite, I focused on how powerful, strong and protective it also is; hence why I used women to portray that idea.

Petwo helps to empower people. Those words used to define this rite are the creativity behind the series. I wanted people to stand in pride of who they are, what their culture means and not how empires or colonialism has taught us to see our roots; as evil compared to religions. In fact, it is not about comparison but rather the common grounds in the two, and celebrate ‘us’ as a people instead of dividing.

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