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Highlights at AFI Cape Town 2018

AFI Masterclasses were informative and just what every student or participant of fashion need.

Quiteria & George, Maxhosa by Laduma and Imprint were the highlight of AFI Cape Town 2018.

Photography by Anthea Adams

Photography by Anthea Adams

Maxhosa by Laduma took us into afro-futuristic vibes with his designs at #AFICTFW while simultaneously sourcing his classic inspired Xhosa traditional pattern.

Photography by Anthea Adams

Quiteria and George are South African designers who played around with ruffles and velvet textures along with a color palette ranging from lime, lavender, fuchsia and white.

Imprint boasted their wonderful color scheme while adding a visual context to the concept of the dresses that were stitched together and that was the influence of South African township culture. They also had the best music selection out of all the shows.

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