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#MyTruthSeries: Women Speak on their Truths based on Love and Fear

A three-part series highlighted around 6 women who speak on their truths based on love and fear curated by author and musician Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang

"I want love but, I can't get it. I don't know why? Am I the problem?"

#MyTruthSeries is an Africa-Wide visual-series inspired by 200 black women's experiences. A sounding board for our urgent need for social reform necessary to propel africa forward & faster. Episode 1 is themed around Heavy Hearts Going Home to Love Better.

Each episode is narrated by a couple of black women who speak on their truth and their life's experiences around each episode's theme. Episode 2 is themed around Monogamy and Abandonment. its synopsis states:

We grapple with so much conflict because of how we're raised to conform but through all our turmoil we can always come out as better versions of our former selves when we embrace our truths and live them beautifully & without apology. Black, full & woman. Magically.

Episode 3 is themed around Wounded Identities From Our Absent Dads which focuses on the theme that to heal requires action.

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